Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cuba libre

Ah Cuba – the land of bad food, old cars, and of course the setting of the unforgettable film classic Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.

Clearly a land of magic, and the art doesn’t disappoint.

Melisa and Jens (BTA vets, so you know we have high expectations here) took the streets of Havana to make us proud while they be’d art.

The highlight of this photo collection is a paparazzi-style shot of a guy Being Art all on his own!! Mega bonus points for that one guys.

Thanks for keeping the BTA dream alive. We’ll dedicate this one to the memory of the ever-righteous Patrick Swayze.

First comes love, then comes marriage...

I really do think that nothing beats getting all dressed up in your fanciest frocks and heading out to be Be Some Art.

If some people can get married while you’re Being Art, even better!

This adventurous bride and groom chose to tie the knot at a cool gallery in Toronto, and their guests took it upon themselves to create a spectacle by Being Art! Oh, how we love people who have no shame.

Two extremely enthusiastic thumbs up for this series of photos. Your key selling points: our first-ever shot of a bride Being Art, and you have done an extremely creative impression of an erect nipple.

The That Arch?

It would stand to reason that teachers - the people who shape the minds of tomorrows leaders - would know the difference between an "arch" and "art".

Though sometimes, when you're on vacation, you drink your lunch and logic runs out the window... which apparently is what happened here. Julie thinks she's pretty darn funny, being that ARCH at
La Pedrera in Barcelona... Of course we know that great architecture certainly counts as art and we always welcome the opportunity to expand our genre!

Keep on posing, art fans! We'll try to stop neglecting our poor little blog.